What Does No Less Than 5 Mean?

What does no less than 500 words mean?

No less than describes the least amount of something.

There could be as many as two thousand people left in the city.

( This means that the most people in the city could be 2000) You must write the essay in no less than 500 words.

( Meaning that the minimum amount of words in the essay is 500).

How do you use the phrase no less?

Used at the end of a statement to emphasize how surprising or unexpected something is. I just bought the coolest leather jacket—and on sale, no less! They lost the game at the very last minute, and by a goal knocked in by their own player, no less.

What does it mean when someone says nothing more nothing less?

nothing more” means the same thing as “nothing else.” It is also often used when giving a blunt, (and often negative) opinion about something. There is also a common English saying: “nothing more, nothing less.” This saying means the same thing as “nothing more,” it just adds further emphasis. ”

Does a 500 word essay have to be exactly 500 words?

500-word essays do not have to be exactly 500 words, but they should be as close as possible. The essay prompt may say “in under 500 words” or “in at least 500 words,” which would state whether 500 is the minimum or maximum word count.

Does less than mean?

The symbol < means less than (and the symbol > means greater than). …

What does at a minimum mean?

Minimum is often used in the phrases bare minimum, meaning “the absolute least,” and at a minimum, meaning “at least,” as in At a minimum, we need to get five more done before the end of the day.

What does I want nothing more mean?

1. used for showing that someone’s hopes or wishes are reasonable. They wanted nothing more than to relax and spend their time together.

Is at least in math?

it can be 5 , or any number greater than 5 . So, the phrase ‘x is at least 5 ‘ means ‘x≥5 x ≥ 5 ‘.

What does no less than 100 words mean?

What is the meaning of less than 100 words? It means that whoever wrote or spoke the phrase needs to brush up on their English. It should be “Fewer that 100 words”, which means “99 words or fewer”.

What does no less than mean?

Definition of no less than : at least —used to suggest that a number or amount is surprisingly largeNo less than half the students failed the test.

Is no less than sign?

The relation “not greater than” can also be represented by a ≯ b, the symbol for “greater than” bisected by a slash, “not”. The same is true for “not less than” and a ≮ b. The notation a ≠ b means that a is not equal to b, and is sometimes considered a form of strict inequality.

Is nothing more than meaning?

phrase. If you say that someone or something is nothing more than a particular thing, you are emphasizing that they are only that thing, and nothing more interesting or important. [emphasis] The newly discovered notes are nothing more than Lang’s personal journal.

What does less than perfect mean?

phrase. You use less than to say that something does not have a particular quality. For example, if you describe something as less than perfect, you mean that it is not perfect at all.

How do you use no less in a sentence?

1. He won no less than £5000 in the lottery. 2. My world is silent, to accommodate no less than others.

What does less than an hour mean?

when someone says “less than an hour ago” it means whatever happened wasn’t a full hour( 60 mins).